Course Details

Red Hat Certified Security Specialist (RHCSS) is an advanced-level certification programme which is also purely based on the performance. It enhances the students with their capabilities in network services security, directory services, authentication and Security-Enhanced Linux policy management.

Students perusing Technical or non-technical, 12th, Graduate/Master Program or Fresh Engineers/graduates/Diploma possessing the required prerequisites for the program.

RHS 333 Red Hat Enterprise Security: Network Services

  • The Threat Model and Protection Method
  • Basic Service Security (Selinux & TCP Wrappers)
  • Cryptography (CA Certificate)
  • Bind and DNS Security
  • Network Authentication: RPC,NIS and Kerberose
  • Network File System (NFS)
  • Open SSH (Authentication Keys)
  • Mail Server with Sendmail
  • Mail Server with Postfix
  • FTP Server Advanced
  • Apache Security
  • Instrusion Detection and Recovery

RH 423 Red Hat Enterprise Directory Services And Authentication

  • Introduction to Directory Services
  • Understand Basic LDAP Concept
  • LDAP Naming Model
  • Configuring and Managing Directory Server
  • Searching and Modifying the LDAP Directory
  • Linux User Authentication with glibc NSS and PAM
  • Centralized User Authentication with LDAP
  • Centralized User Authentication with Kerberose
  • Using LDAP Referrals and Replication for Distribution
  • Highly Available Directory Server Performance
  • Integration with Windows Domain and Clients

RHS 429 Red Hat Enterprise SELinux Policy Administration

  • Introduction to SELinux
  • Using SELinux
  • The RedHat Targeted Policy
  • Introduction to Policies
  • Policy Utilities
  • User and Role Security
  • Anatomy of A Policy
  • Manipulating Policies

100 Hours